Community. Opportunity. Security. Stability

Our four principles form the foundation of everything we do here. Why? Because we believe these are the things most people are searching for—in their retirement living experience, in their career, and in their daily lives.

Whether you’re exploring a move to one of our award-winning Continuing Care Retirement Communities, looking for an exciting career opportunity, or need PRS’s management and consulting expertise to boost your own community’s success, we can help.


Pacific Retirement Services (PRS) is headquartered in Medford, Oregon. It was formally incorporated in 1991; its history, however, begins much earlier.

In 1955, an ecumenical community group of Methodists, Episcopalians, and Presbyterians came together to address the need for providing care for the seniors of southern Oregon. Their discussions led to the formation of a not-for-profit corporation, which purchased 16 acres in Medford and built the Rogue Valley Manor, which is recognized as one of the finest, most progressive Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) in the nation.

In the 1980s, the Manor’s Board of Directors, together with the Executive Management Team, began to focus on reaching a broader segment of the community. They formed a new, not-for-profit corporation to oversee this outreach effort. They called the new organization Pacific Retirement Services (PRS). Today, the PRS family is made up of not-for-profit CCRCs, affordable senior housing communities, and a community volunteer network, all of which support the PRS Mission and Vision. The corporation has nearly 3,000 employees and provides housing and services to more than 5,000 seniors. In its quest to provide seniors with the very best in accommodations, amenities, and healthcare, PRS has become nationally recognized as a leader in the senior-service sector.

Rogue Valley Manor Today

Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide exceptional leadership to our family of organizations, working together to enhance the aging experience.

Vision: Every person deserves a healthy, stable and secure retirement experience.

Core Values

Our Core Values embody those attributes that are most important to us—as a company, and as individuals within that company. They guide us in our decision making, inform our daily behaviors, and collectively create the culture of our organization.


Every decision we make and every action we take is informed by our adherence to high moral and ethical principles.


Our organization is inventive and resourceful, utilizing the latest business strategies, information, and technology to enhance the lives of residents.


We believe in the continuous pursuit of excellence in delivering the highest-quality accommodations, services, and care throughout our organization. We are joyfully committed to doing our best, and being our best.


PRS values all of our resources: human, financial, and physical. As good stewards of these resources, we will prudently and judiciously employ and maintain them to ensure that our affiliates remain strong and vital for current and future generations.


Considered one of mankind’s most important virtues, compassion means recognizing the suffering or distress of others, then taking action to help. Whether we are providing housing, services, and care to seniors; assisting low-income families; or reaching out to community members in need through volunteerism, PRS recognizes the importance of practicing compassion.


We work together harnessing the talents, skills, and knowledge of each person to continuously enhance the retirement experience.

Our Principles

The PRS philosophy is based on the foundations of community, opportunity, security, and stability.

We believe in community.

Maintaining vibrant communities, where each resident feels respected and has a sense of shared experiences with their neighbor, is the core of what we do. Communities support healthy aging and well-being. They make shared laughter more joyful. They support togetherness in good times and bad. The latest scientific studies have shown that social interaction and having a strong social support system are as important to healthy aging as eating right and exercise. Community living encourages and enables residents to easily develop and maintain a strong social structure.

PRS engages with residents and Board Members as an active part of each community, working alongside them so that each community thrives and is responsive to the needs of its residents. In so doing, PRS practices its Core Values of Collaboration and Compassion.

We believe in opportunity.

Moving to a PRS-affiliated community is a move of opportunity. Each day, residents are presented with opportunities to participate in a wealth of life-enhancing activities. They have the opportunity to enjoy healthy meals, take an exercise class, join one of the many social groups on campus, make new friends, and learn new things. They also have the opportunity to advance through the levels of on-site healthcare as their needs change over time.

PRS is constantly striving for opportunities to expand and improve the services and care provided to residents. We continuously evaluate our programs and physical plants, looking for ways to improve, expand, and keep ahead of technological advances in healthcare and industry trends. This aspect of opportunity demonstrates our commitment to two of our Core Values: Innovation and Excellence.

Opportunity is also important for PRS staff members, all of whom have the opportunity to start with the company and advance through a career path. PRS has many senior staff people who started in one position and worked their way to a more senior position within the company. This is true of the PRS President/CEO, the PRS COO, and several of our Executive Directors who started in our Administrator-in-Training Program.

We believe in security.

Each person deserves a secure retirement experience, whether it be access to affordable housing, or quality skilled nursing and rehabilitative care. PRS is a strategic partner with its affiliated communities to ensure that residents have a reasonable monthly fee arrangement and that the services they rely on today are available tomorrow.

Security for the future is one of the most (if not the most) important considerations for our residents. The people who move to PRS-affiliated CCRCs are, by nature, people who are realistic about the challenges they will face as they grow older. They are also people who want to plan responsibly for their futures. They know they will have access to several levels of care as their needs change over time. They also know that they will not have to move to another facility as their needs change. They will remain among their friends and neighbors, and be cared for by staff members, that in many cases, they have known for years.

Residents in our Community Housing organization derive security from living in a comfortable, secure, well-maintained community. They also have the security of knowing that they will be able to afford life’s necessities because their rents are calculated as a percentage of their income.

We believe in stability.

The financial stability of PRS-affiliated communities is also of paramount importance to the residents who have chosen them as their home in retirement. Without financial stability the other Brand Principles are put into jeopardy. PRS-affiliated communities are well-managed based upon solid financial practices, and positioned to weather uncertain economic fluctuations.  Adherence to our Core Values of Integrity and Stewardship undergirds that PRS-affiliated CCRCs remain financially stable.

Management Team

PRS Executive Management

  • Brian McLemore, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Mike Morris, Chief Operations Officer
  • Mary Schoeggl, Chief Financial Officer
  • Debbie Rayburn, Chief Health Care Officer
  • Steve Eichen, Chief Information Officer
  • Steven R. Rinkle, General Counsel
  • Paul Riepma, Senior Vice President, Marketing
  • Tamara Nordin, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Key Management

  • Matt Neal, Vice President, Operations
  • Dena Smith, Vice President, Housing
  • Jennifer Jacobs, Vice President, Media Services
  • James Hoevertsz, Vice President, Culinary Services
  • Becky Snyder, Executive Director, Community Volunteer Network
  • Eric Mineart, Corporate Marketing Director
  • Line Wilson, Regional Sales Director
  • Adam Payn, Regional Sales Director